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EP.132 - 10 Visuals That Outshine a 300-Page Self-Help Book | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast

September 24, 2023 Your Host: Chris Furlong Episode 132
Further Your Lifestyle
EP.132 - 10 Visuals That Outshine a 300-Page Self-Help Book | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast
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Can a visual give you more life-altering insights than a lengthy self-help book? That's what we're unpacking today! We're taking a deep dive into Harsh Darje's unique claim that 10 visuals can impart more wisdom than a 300-page book. It's time to confront self-sabotaging behaviours and fears we often do not realise we harbour. Along the way, we'll learn how to get out of our way and embrace the freeing power of self-awareness.

Original Article: https://medium.com/@harsh-darji/10-visuals-that-will-teach-you-more-than-a-300-page-self-help-book-7cf6f92ebb94

Action, patience, and self-pride are the pillars of self-improvement, and we’re going to learn how to capitalize on these. Harness the power of pushing through, continually refining your goals and staying the course. Don't forget, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Then, we'll tap into the power of connectivity, exploring how to be part of a supportive community and how you can reach out to me. Plug in, prepare to learn, and let's take this journey towards a better lifestyle together.

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Speaker 1:

Yo yo yo. Welcome back to the further your lifestyle podcast conversations on lifestyle passions and hustles. My name's Chris, I am your host and I'm super excited to be back here having the conversation with you. Episode 132 today, and we're diving into an interesting article that I came across just the other week called 10 visuals that will teach you more than a 300 page self-help book. Now, I've read quite a lot of books over the last couple of years. I sorry when I say read, I listen to them usually when I'm running a whole big range of them, and there's been some really good ones and a lot of them that I tend to really like are the self-help books something that you know. It teaches you something that you didn't really know about yourself, but it gives you good clarity of maybe that's why you did what you did. I think those books are really good because it gives you a perspective of self-awareness. Now, in this article that I found and I'm going to put the link and you know who wrote it and all that jazz in the show notes come from a guy called Harsh Darje and I find this on medium and if you're not on medium, there's some really good small pieces of you know there's some regular writers, but people do smaller snippets of writing and I find that they actually just a bit more easier to digest. Anyway, I take a rest. So we're talking about 10 visuals that will teach you more than a 300 page self-help book. And there are 10 visuals. I am going to share these on screen and look again. I found this and I think this is really good. I've done a brief little overview myself and had a look through and say, yeah, I think this is a great way to have a great conversation and share back to myself, but also share back to you, and, at the end of the day, we're here to further your lifestyle. That's what we're here to talk about, and I think these are some really powerful and very important illustrations and also some quotes or statements. That I think is going to challenge the way you think. So we're going to dive into it now. Let's get into it. So number one diving straight into this is you can either make yourself or break yourself. And look, I think this one. It speaks volumes for itself because and I've been saying it over the last couple of weeks is we are our own worst enemy A lot of the time. We are the ones that cause us to slow down, cause us to stop, cause us to not get what we want, because we self sabotage, we put things in place or we do things thinking that it's going to be productive, when really we're just being pro. You know we're just progressing. I'm speaking from my own experience here and you know, if we have a mission of where you want to be, you tend to take on side projects that distract you, that make you feel like you're. You know getting to where you want to go, but it's not actually relevant, and I tend to do that a lot. And the key here is to actually identify and, you know, whack it straight off of the cuff when you identify it so that you can get back into you know focus mode of where you want to be. And look, I mean it doesn't go into any detail here, but we are, we tend to do things to ourselves, which causes things to not go as planned. And then we're surprised well, why are things going as planned? And look, I'm not here to say that. You know everything that we do is going to cause us to not get to us where we want to be. What I'm saying is sometimes because it's due to succeed. The fear of success, or the fear of failing, or the fear of what people will think, or the fear of hard work, or the hard work, or you're too lazy, or you don't want to do it, or what if you disappoint some? So there's so many things there that we start to think about, and then it becomes easier to self-sabotage or easier to do something that's going to destroy you, and that's why we can either make ourselves or break ourselves. You have to be accountable and you have to be responsible for your life, and I think there's going to be a lot of these in this one. There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them. I mean, it's basically the same stuff, and this visual is very interesting because there's four straight lines of pillars. Now, if you're listening to this, I'll just you know, obviously explain it. But there's four straight lines, which obviously four lanes of where you can be going forward, but then there's one on the left hand side where it's actually in L shape. So you've got all four pillars going straight up, but then you've got one that covers all the others like arches over it, and it stops you from getting what you want. We need to get out of our own way, and this kind of comes back to the same point that I just said before is Sometimes we self sabotage or sometimes we do things because it's going to become a procrastination of us actually doing the hard thing that we have to do to get to where we want to be. A good example of this is confrontation. You know, you got to have a conversation with someone or you've been scared to talk about it or you've been avoiding it A lot of the time. When you just have the conversation, it usually turns out fine and it resolves it, but we're just scared and the amount of delay we bring upon ourselves and the things that we can't work through because we delay in doing something, it holds ourselves. It holds ourselves back and we need to get out of our way. Do what you know makes us feel uncomfortable and grow. It's that simple. Number three is do it alone. You've got this and the illustration is a flow chart and it says I want to do this and then it's got two options do it or it's like, but no one will help me. And then it says, well, do it alone. And I think this is a key point because what, unfortunately in this day and age with, even though we have so much opportunity and the ability to do things with ease by ourselves, people want people to do the work for them. I'm not not not not talking about, you know, paying someone else to do it for you. That you know. That's you know if you want to delegate or whatever. But what I'm saying is people don't want to do the hard work, but they want all the results and you either have to do it or you have to do it alone, and most of the time it's exactly the same. The difference is doing it. You're just moving forward, doing it alone. You've thought about it, but no one's here to help me. So you have to own it that you're doing it alone, and then the time will come where people will ride with you. You know it's that old saying is like build it and people will come. Sometimes we have to know when to call it, but as we grow and as we, it's building a community. Even you hear listening to this, whether you're here on YouTube or on the podcast, like on audio. When I first started I didn't have any listeners, but now I have regular listeners, right, and I appreciate all the comments and I appreciate the messages, and now I don't do it alone, but when I started I was doing it alone. Number four is momentum is the key to growth. Keep moving. So this visual there's four triangles and there's a circle with these triangles. The first one is the plan is to move and there's a trial and the circle is inside the triangle and then you've got Move out, move up and move on and you've got the circle outside the triangle, on the left hand side, and then you to move up, the circle goes to the top of the triangle and then to move on, it goes on to the other side of the triangle and essentially what we're trying to say here is Moving is the key, momentum is the key, and making that step forward I mean, this is all coming back to the same stuff that we're talking about is getting out of our way, making sure that we are enabling ourselves to Make it happen or to take action or to grow, and as we take a step forward, you know we can then learn what's the next step, and then we can move up or we can move on. The plan is to be moving. If you don't have momentum, you can't be moving, so start making the movement. Number five is find the courage to take that first step and trust yourself to figure things out as you keep walking. And the visual here is like it's a faded couple of dotted lines and each phase faded line is A word and it goes start walking. In the path will appear and the little more the sentence goes across, the brighter the line becomes. And that's true. It's basically another way of saying get moving. And Coming back to the whole point of like I doing it alone or I don't know where to start. Well, everyone starts from zero. You know like it's like when you're a kid and you don't know how to walk. You take a step forward, you fall over. Next time you do it you've taken three steps. Next time you do it, you're taking 10 steps. You might fall over that, but then you do it. It's, it's simple stuff, really like it's. It does really frustrate me when People come to me and they're like how do you? How do I do it? And you know, I would love to say that there is some quick way of making things happen. But the quick way to make things happen is to do things constantly over a period of time, because you know, it's been nearly three years since I started this and this is the progress I've made. I could have done more, I could have done less, but the fact is I've done what I've done to get me to where I am today. So if you do nothing in three years, you will have to do something. Nothing in three years, you will have nothing in three years. If you do something every day for the next three years, you'll you'll have progress, you'll have momentum and you will figure things out and things will get easier, things will grow, things will change. It's that. It's that simple. Number six is be proud that you showed up today. It has a positive repercussion. And then there's a dotted line, empty, empty space on the dotted line, and then at the end there's a square and it says I hope you're proud of yourself is showing up today, and what it's saying is like you know, you might show up each day and you don't see the result, but then one day you show up, which is today, and the box is full, and that's because everything you've been doing leading up to this point has come to full tuition. Right? Is that the right word? Is that the right word? It basically comes to full potential and then you start again and you move on to the next thing and then you keep showing up and that bar will get higher. That ability to grow, that knowledge, that experience, understanding, the ability to make decisions, to execute, to take action to, you know, have confidence at all, starts to compound right. And that's why you should be proud of showing up each day, because there comes a time where all snowballs effect it has that snowball effect and things get momentum and things start to roll and things get bigger and better and faster and next thing you know you're where you thought you would be, but you're there quicker. Number seven you learn more by doing and not by thinking. This is a good one, and the visual here is a big circle and it has learning in the middle of it and then there's a line below about probably about 10% of the bottom of the circle, and then at the bottom of the line it says thinking and doing. And what it's kind of saying is like doing is where you're going to learn. Thinking is really just kind of like the cream of the top of just Maybe how you're going to go about applying it. Now, I'm a big thinker, but I've, you know, in the last couple years I've learned that doing will always get me further, because you learn on the fly. I see thinking is like strategy. You gotta have somewhat of a plan, but the plan is pointless if you're not doing anything with it, if you're not adapting, if you're not learning with it, if you're not Trying it, testing it so you can have the best plan. You can have an amazing strategy, you can calculate as much as you want, forecast, but if you're not doing anything to see the results, to see the progress, to see the momentum, then you're not learning anything, because all you're doing is it's all, it's all you know, basically just made up ideas or theory, or you know philosophy. It's until you've put it into action. Then you have truth or reality of result. Number eight is your time is coming to be patient. And then there's this visual or it says late bloom is still bloom and it's got Circle, circle, circle, circle, and then the last circle has a flower and it's coming back to the same thing of. You gotta keep showing up. You gotta not think that things aren't working, you know, and sometimes it's about catching a break. But there's two parts of this. Right, you can't expect to sit around, do nothing and then things just fall into you know, into your lap. That that's not what we're saying. What I'm saying is, yes, you're gonna have to make progress, you're gonna have to be working on making progress and then eventually Things will pick up pace, things will take off. Now, at the same time, you do have to tweak, you still have to adjust. You can't, if you keep banging your head against a wall, you can't expect a different result, right? You know it's that's, that's insanity, right? If you're doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, it's just not gonna happen. You need to be doing, you know, yes, applying the same approach, going into it, tackling it, trying to solve the problem, trying to get more sales or trying to run fast, or trying to learn this, or trying to paint a picture or whatever it is. And as you do it, as you apply it differently, as you take on a new method, as you apply more knowledge, experience, understanding things, then start to change, things, start to grow and you will bloom. Number nine is be yourself unapologetically, and the visual is three biographs being someone else, and it's half full. Being yourself is full, but being proud of yourself, it's endless. And I think this this really comes down to conviction and really understanding your self awareness and understanding being your best self. Bring your best self Now. You can try to be someone else, but you will never have your full potential and you'll never be as good as them. Because you are them. You can be yourself and you know, I guess hide the fact that you're comfortable with yourself means so hide the fact that you're not comfortable yourself. So you know, it's like I can come up here and when I first started this podcast, I was doing it. I was trying to be myself, but I was nervous. I was uncomfortable because I'm like what if people don't like this? What about tall poppy syndrome? Or what if? Maybe I'm not good? Who am I to talk about these things? So I was still being myself, but I wasn't necessarily owning it and I wasn't proud of it. Now I'm 100% proud of it. Right, and I've got no shame, I don't care. Like I'm doing this. You know, when I first started, people like you're gonna do that, you're gonna make money selling on eBay, you're gonna. It's my livelihood. Now it's what I do and I own it. And you know I've seen the progress that I wanted to see. But I still have big, more ambition. But I'm proud of this. Therefore, it takes off the pressure. It takes off the stress show this, still stressful times and still pressure of time, of when things aren't going to plan. But I wouldn't have changed it. You know, no regrets, and I think that's what separates us is we can't be someone else. We need to be ourself, but we need to be proud of ourselves and what we can do. Number 10 is don't give up on the person you are becoming. And there's three visuals here. It's got. Don't give up. And it's a dotted circle On the person is like a bit more dotted line circle, and then you're becoming and then it's a full circle. So don't give up on the person you're becoming. And again it comes back to the full. It's basically wraps up. Everything that we've just spoken about is as time passes, will you progress? Will you put in action? Will you take steps forward? Will you have momentum? Will you trust the process? Will you believe in yourself? Will you, you know, enable yourself to give it time? Will you put in the action? Will you not just think but do? Will you Continue to walk the path and figure it out? Will you continue to move forward, move up, move on. All these things come together as one, whether you're doing it alone or not. All these things will help create who you are and who you will become. And if you want to be something in the future, you know you need to start working towards that today. You can't wake up and you have everything, but you wake up and you work towards everything that you want. And this comes back to another episode that I did about you know when is enough enough, because sometimes we get to where we think we want to be, but then it's not enough. So you have to be realistic about this is like if it's chasing a number, that number will always change. But if you're chasing a lifestyle or a happy feeling, or you know the ability to have freedom of time, to be able to do things you know lack of, you know things controlling you, then that's you know. You've got to work to what you have to create that right. So don't give up on the person you're becoming or want to be, but you have to keep moving forward. So a lot of that, a lot of the same stuff here. And look, I haven't really he's got 300 other visuals apparently. Now I haven't seen them myself, but the whole purpose of this was I like seeing these different articles because it brings different perspective, it gives other people's understanding of how they view the world or how they see the world or what they have acquired, what information they have, you know, and it's it's all about really mindset and when we, when we get out of our heads, when we get out of our own way which is what this is really all about we can start to make massive, massive progress. And A lot of the time it's because we delay things. We don't want to be uncomfortable. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and your comfort zone will expand and the things you thought you couldn't do you will be doing. And I know I talk about this stuff like it's easy, it's not easy, it's just, it's just a, it's a click moment of, you know, expectation versus reality. The expectation is we want all these things. The reality is okay, so go do all the things to get those results that you want and Trust the process and it's okay. Things are gonna be rollercoaster. You'll have bad days. You'll have really, really bad days, but you're gonna have really good days. Now, if you're doing it alone, document it, share it, you know, journal it make, make something out of it, right, I mean, it still comes back to you. I mean this is. This episode is about us individually. You know this stuff here that I need to look at, look out and work on and see Jebus. I need to have that conversation or I need to. I just need to start doing that action and stop. You know, you know stuff and around what do you need to do? Which one stood out to you? My action for you, or my call to action for you, is to go through this and Identify one to three out of the ten that you really need to work on or what really stuck out to you. Let me know in the comments below We'd really love to continue the conversation what stuck out to you, where do you need to improve and how are you going to go about improving it? You can hit me up on socials. You can hit me up on YouTube in the comment section or, if you hear, listening vision via Spotify or Apple podcasts. I do have speak pipe comm slash further your lifestyle. We can jump over there. Over there, leave a voicemail and we can connect that way. Otherwise, this is the episode for the week. It's, I Think this, I think there's a lot we can take from this. You know and it comes down to you now listening, hearing this I've given you the opportunity, the vessel to go apply some of this that's on you now, so I'm gonna sign out. Appreciate you being here. You have a wonderful day. Cheers you.

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