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EP.114 - Unleashing Motivation... how to stay motivated | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast

May 21, 2023 Your Host: Chris Furlong Episode 114
Further Your Lifestyle
EP.114 - Unleashing Motivation... how to stay motivated | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast
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Are you struggling to stay motivated on your journey towards a better lifestyle? Join us in this episode as we uncover practical strategies and insights to help you maintain motivation and unlock your full potential.

2-3 Interesting Things Listeners will Learn:
1. The importance of understanding what you truly want and how it can evolve as life changes, providing a foundation for sustainable motivation.
2. How to identify the gap between your current reality and desired outcomes, and the role of basic math in planning and executing your progress across various areas of life.
3. Actionable tips for setting milestones, reflecting on your journey, and establishing accountability to keep yourself on track towards your goals.

Compelling Reason to Listen: "Discover the key to staying motivated and driving continuous progress in your pursuit of a better lifestyle. Explore the power of understanding your desires, mapping out the gap, and leveraging basic math principles to create a roadmap for success. Uncover effective strategies to break down milestones, track your progress, and cultivate accountability, ensuring you stay motivated even during challenging times. Don't miss out on this episode filled with practical insights to ignite and sustain your motivation on the path to furthering your lifestyle."

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0:00 - a big question I get asked, I want to address it
1:41 - how do I stay motivated? Lets set the context
5:00 - solve this… 
8:00 - understand what things will look like?
8:36 - milestones are important to enable the movement of motivation 
9:41 - REFLECT on a regular basis
11:00 - so how do I stay motivated and the final point? 
13:35 - wrapping it all up of what brings it all together 
15:00 - these things take time and work too

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