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EP. 113 - Break Free from Limited Thinking and Beliefs... | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast

May 14, 2023 Your Host: Chris Furlong Episode 113
Further Your Lifestyle
EP. 113 - Break Free from Limited Thinking and Beliefs... | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast
Show Notes

Are you tired of feeling limited in your life? Join us today as we explore the concepts of limited thinking and belief, and discover how to break free from these barriers to unlock your full potential.

Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/fDjadQk67ns

2-3 Interesting Things Listeners will Learn:
1. The difference between limited belief and limited thinking and how they can hold you back.
2. Practical strategies to identify and challenge your limiting beliefs.
3. The power of taking small steps and exploring new perspectives to overcome limitations.

A Compelling Reason to Listen: If you've ever felt stuck or held back by your own thoughts and beliefs, this episode will provide you with practical tools and insights to break free from limited thinking and belief. You'll learn how to identify the root causes of your limitations and take small steps towards achieving your goals, ultimately unlocking your full potential. Don't let self-doubt and negativity hold you back any longer—start making progress today!

Remember, progress takes time and effort, but by challenging your beliefs, seeking support, and exploring new possibilities, you can overcome limited thinking and belief and create the life you truly desire. Believe in yourself, take action, and watch as you unleash your true potential!

Continue the Conversation:

0:00 - Welcome back to the POD
1:45 - do you struggle with limited thinking/belief
2:46 - what are some ways we can break free?
6:56 - an example for breaking free
11:29 - allow yourself to to go do it
14:50 - cliche examples of excuses
16:17 - call to action… try this… 

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