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Ep.111: AI Reveals the Secret to Level Up Your Life | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast

April 30, 2023 Your Host: Chris Furlong Episode 111
Further Your Lifestyle
Ep.111: AI Reveals the Secret to Level Up Your Life | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast
Show Notes

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Hook: Are you tired of living a mediocre life? Do you want to take control of your future and create a lifestyle you love? In this episode, we're asking ChatGPT for expert advice on how to further your lifestyle and achieve your dreams.

2-3 Interesting Things Listeners will Learn:
1. The most important steps you need to take in order to create financial freedom, have all the time you need, and still pursue your passions and purpose in life.
2. Five essential pieces of advice that everyone in their 20s needs to hear in order to set themselves up for success.
3. How to identify and challenge limiting beliefs, build resilience in the face of failure, and develop a risk-taking mindset that will enable you to achieve your goals.


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0:00 - Will this Reveal how to Level Up Your Life
3:00 - Prompt 1: Prompt 1: What does it mean to Further Your Lifestyle?
4:31 - Prompt 2: If you had to order the priority in which we should focus our attention in furthering our lives, what would be the most logical steps to take?
7:26 - Prompt 3: If we look back over the past through history and time, who would be 3 people to reflect upon which represent a real life example of further your life
10:09 - Prompt 4: When it comes to "furthering your lifestyle" what are some of the questions we can ask ourselves, or we can use to prompt a better thinking to enable us to level up?
12:32 - Prompt 5: If you had to pick the 5 generalised points in which people wish they knew in their 20's, what would they be?
16:21 - Prompt 6: I want you to give a unbiased perspective of the concept "lifestyle, passions and hustles" which are there to help us pursue our passions, chase our dreams and reach our goals
17:55 - Prompt 7: in theory, with what you know, if someone wanted to be able to live with financial freedom, have all the time they needed, live worry free, and have their loved ones close by BUT also have a sense of purpose in life - how could this happen?
20:16 - Prompt 8: If you had to create a blueprint which anyone can follow and apply to further their lifestyle, what would this look like? Can you create one please?
24:20 - Prompt 9: This is all good and said, all these answers (the last 8) but what here is missing, what human elements should we not forget, as all these concepts, points and ideas are just that and easy for you to say having not done it yourself...

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