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EP.100 - Why putting in the reps pays off! | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast

February 12, 2023 Your Host: Chris Furlong Episode 100
Further Your Lifestyle
EP.100 - Why putting in the reps pays off! | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast
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Continue the Conversation | Further Your Lifestyle Podcast | #100


In this episode I celebrate the WIN of 100 Episodes on the podcast and I give a big thank you back to you but also introduce a new way we can interact and continue the conversation via SpeakPipe!

Guests who called in: 

  • Matt Lees // @retrogaming.au
  • Kevin Exconde // @kevin.exconde
  • Aaron Maltz // @the_fitlabb
  • Clara Kim // @claraswoodshop
  • Anthony Bailey //runningformybestlife
  • Taylor Tudisco // @tmtudisco
  • EllenaGrace // @ellenagracee
  • Avince Benito // @lostajb

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0:00 - CELEBRATE good times cmon!  
2:00 - reflecting on the journey 
7:41 - that is enough… excitement and motivation and GETTING STARTED
8:00 - what are the big takeaways?
12:58 - a NEW upgrade to the Podcast
15:00 - this is your chance NOW!
16:07 - I already have some messages
42:21 - wrap up

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[00:00:00] Chris Furlong: Yo. Yo yo. Welcome back to the Further Your Lifestyle Podcast, conversations on lifestyle passions and hustles. My name's Chris Furlong. I am your host, and I'm super excited to be back here having the conversation with you. And today is the big one. We have hit 100 episodes, and I just want to say a big, big thank you to you straight off the cuff, because I wouldn't have been allowed to do this if it wasn't for you.

[00:00:21] Chris Furlong: So thank you. You know, tuning in, hanging out after these 100 episodes. And boy oh boy, are we just getting started? And that's what we're talking about today. We are reflecting on 100 episodes done and dusted, and it's been a journey to get here just under two years. I started this podcast 28th of February 20 21, which is just incredible and crazy to think back because it's, it's gone like that, right?

[00:00:45] Chris Furlong: And that's some of the things I'll be talking about today. But again, I just wanted to say a big, big thank. Because that is the number one thing that has enabled me to be able to achieve this is is you guys, to each and every single one of you that listen each week and send me messages, leave a comment, or for those that have subscribed or commented or liked or even shared or even reviewed the podcast, it's been an amazing journey.

[00:01:10] Chris Furlong: And to be able to have that input and being able to continue that conversation with each and every single one of you that have interacted in that manner. Has been great. Now, if you are a silent lurker and you do listen and you don't leave a com, that's fine. I appreciate you. You know, on average I'm getting, you know, between 35 and 45 listens per episode on average, and that that's, that's like double classroom size.

[00:01:32] Chris Furlong: And again, I'll be talking about that a little bit later into the episode. But again, thank you so much. It's been a surreal experience so far, and I'm looking forward to where this goes from here.

[00:01:47] Chris Furlong: Now the other thing that I wanted to quickly dive into before we actually get into the juice of this episode, and boy oh boy, I've got some exciting news, some very, very exciting news. So stick around, have a listen because there's something here for everyone I think. I think so. First thing I want to do is quickly just reflect on the journey that it's taken to get here.

[00:02:04] Chris Furlong: And this is super important because I think it's. Story to help encourage and inspire and maybe motivate you to, you know, chase those goals, chase those dreams, and don't let things hold you back from making that happen. So if we zoom back and we pull back a little bit back in middle of 2020, actually, that's when I was starting to have the, the thoughts and the conversations around stepping away from the nine to five.

[00:02:29] Chris Furlong: You know, taking a chance on myself, and I still remember it as clear as day of when I was having those conversations with my boss and you know, figuring out what that was going to look like now. I knew it was going to be a journey and it was gonna be a bit of a risk, gonna be a bit of a challenge and something scary to do.

[00:02:44] Chris Furlong: But I also knew that it all depended on me. No one else was going to get me to where I wanted to be. And I'm not just talking about the podcast or further your lifestyle. I'm talking about anything and everything that I've achieved since, you know, taking that chance on myself. And then eventually resigning from that job.

[00:02:58] Chris Furlong: And it all came back to me. And all I knew that I had to do was I had to be willing to show up and I knew I had to be willing to give it a go. And once you've got that, It does make it a little bit easier, but I won't lie, it, it has been it's been some scary stuff. So after I had shared with my boss my intentions it took, it took about six months to finally wrap up and get out of that outta that space.

[00:03:20] Chris Furlong: Now I was able to take a leave of absence of up to two years which I've now, you know, obviously finished and I resigned from the company at the end of last year. But essentially, you know, , it took a lot of courage to do and I had to do a lot of planning, a lot of thinking of what that was going to look like.

[00:03:34] Chris Furlong: You know, come start of 2021. I wanted to make sure that I was gonna be diving into doing the podcast as quick as possible and getting that momentum running. But it took me almost two months to launch this podcast. I launched it on the 28th of February, as I said, and. and that was on 2021. And at the time in lead up to this, I knew I wanted to get started, but I had never done it before.

[00:03:56] Chris Furlong: I was doing YouTube, but I'd never done the podcast. And at the time there was this hype of clubhouse, the app, which is kind of like disappeared now. But I remember getting into some deeper conversations and you know, being able to take some inspiration from other podcasts other podcasters at the time.

[00:04:12] Chris Furlong: And there were some big players actually. And I was in a clubhouse chat. It was about, you know, getting started with podcasting and things like that. And there was a motivational speaker or bestselling author from of the Law of Action by Rob Actis. And he invited me actually up on his virtual stage saying, you know, he was basically asking the audience why haven't you started your podcast?

[00:04:30] Chris Furlong: And I figured stuff it, I'm gonna, I'm gonna put my hand up. I'm gonna get up on stage. This is all virtual just by voice. Of course. Clubhouse was just a voice app and he asked me, why haven't I started my podcast? And I said to him, it all came down to I'm scared. I'm a bit fearful. And within seconds, He gave me a rundown of how by not starting, I may be making the worst decision of my life and without giving it a go to know how well it could be.

[00:04:55] Chris Furlong: I would be doing myself and the world an injustice, meaning how? How dare I hold back and not. Give that opportunity for others to be able to learn, to be able to grow. Because he believed, just from what I had shared in my, my vision and mission that I had some things there that were going to help, you know, get other people ahead.

[00:05:12] Chris Furlong: And I was like, you don't even know me, dude. But like, he was convinced and if, if I could convince him, he was more than happy to say that I've got what it takes, right? And to give me that motivation and encouragement. And I'm a hundred percent so grateful for that. Like, because I look back at that now when I think , well, here we are, you know, two years later and.

[00:05:31] Chris Furlong: it really did motivated me. And he also then asked me, you know, when am I gonna launch? So I told him 20th of Feb, 2021. That's when I was gonna do it. And I think at the time it was like three weeks away when I hadn't had that conversation with him. So basically set everything out, set the date, set the schedule, and just got cracking.

[00:05:48] Chris Furlong: And then I did a couple of my own episodes and then I had my first guest on as well, which was just crazy. Now I'll follow up from that. I had a good mate. Who, who's a good mate now at the time, he, he reached out to me. After that conversation, he hit me up on Instagram saying, Hey, look, you know, I, I heard what you were doing on the, you know, on Clubhouse and I heard that you're gonna be starting a podcast.

[00:06:08] Chris Furlong: If you need any help or anything, just let me know. and I was a little shocked cause I'm like, who is this guy? I don't know who this guy is. And this guy was Justin Nolan. He's got his own podcast. And he goes by, just tries. And I'm, again, I was just blown away by the help and the support and the encouragement and the love that, you know, other people can bring.

[00:06:25] Chris Furlong: Now he was just another fella wanting to, you know, chase his big dreams and make it a reality. And we, we had some, you know, amazing chats and conversations. He's been a guest on the podcast here a couple of times. And From that, it, it once again reminds me that you know, it, it is so easy to make these things happen.

[00:06:42] Chris Furlong: I'm not saying it's easy in the sense of like, it's not gonna take a lot of hard work, but once we get rid of the fluff and actually just get over ourselves and get moving, and with the support of others, you can get flying pretty quick. And I'm not doing big numbers or anything like that, but to me, I'm proud of this because I'm the one that's gone out and done it so, That's an encouragement to you.

[00:07:02] Chris Furlong: You, you can do this too. Long story short, , I digress. Imagine if I had led that fear takeover. Imagine if I had never started, imagine if I had you know, not taken the action to start now. I had no idea. How to do this or what to do other than what I had seen others doing, what they were suggesting, what they were sharing, and learn from their own breadcrumbs of what they had left in, in getting to their own success.

[00:07:28] Chris Furlong: And that is enough. That's all you need to do. You need to have the, you know, the excitement, the motivation, the willpower, and just give it a go. Learn as you go. That is the only way that you're going to be able to progress with ease. Even if it is hard, that is the only way to progress just getting started and continuing to rinse and repeat.

[00:07:45] Chris Furlong: All you have to do is see, understand, apply yourself, and then rinse and repeat through the learnings of repetition one, and then you do it again, and you do it again, and you do it again. Now, if I was to look back and think about, well, what are the big tank aways over the last two years of doing a hundred episodes and doing this podcast and the broader ecosystem that I've created with further your lifestyle and where I want to take.

[00:08:08] Chris Furlong: I think it can be summed up into these dot points. And I've written these down because, you know, I was, I was brainstorming and I really wanna make sure that I bring these home for you. And that is, and that is, no action is a decision you are deciding to not do. Thus, you must live with that decision.

[00:08:22] Chris Furlong: Remember that if you take no action. You were deciding not to take action, meaning you need to be comfortable with that. You need to own that. You need to be accountable to that. So don't complain if things aren't happening right, because it comes back on you. Now. At the same time, action to do is an enabler, which will create opportunity for momentum and the ability to repeat for the better.

[00:08:45] Chris Furlong: Again, when you do something, you get all of a sudden this experience and you get a whole bunch of learnings. Now when you go do something again in the same context, you're gonna be able to do it a little bit quicker. You're gonna have a better understanding. How you apply yourself will be a little bit different than the first time you're going to be iter.

[00:09:02] Chris Furlong: You're gonna be iterating your ability to grow and to progress and to gain momentum. Dreams will always be dreams unless you start walking the path, which create them into the reality. It's such a cliche. It's get thrown. It gets thrown around so often, but the reality is that is that is the reality of it.

[00:09:19] Chris Furlong: If you don't start taking the action, as we've just said before, nothing's going to happen. These dreams aren't gonna land in your lap, so you need to be making sure you're ticking off or checking off or chipping away at things that make this happen. The only thing possible is what we deem. Thus, don't think too little and don't be overwhelmed by the big ideas.

[00:09:38] Chris Furlong: I've got huge ideas, but I also understand there is a big gap in between of I need to go do the experience, go do the learning, and go do the work, and figure out how to make that happen. Now, it might take one year, it might take five years, it might take seven years. It might take 10 years or longer, but the idea is the journey through all that is.

[00:09:56] Chris Furlong: Exciting and there's nothing like it because again, you can go, you can go learn from someone else like me telling all this. You can understand it or maybe think, oh yeah, that makes sense. I just need to go do action. But until you go do the action, that's when you start to click. That's when you start to realize how things can get quicker, how things hard can be, but also how all of a sudden you can see that things can start to open up and things can start to show you a pathway.

[00:10:21] Chris Furlong: of how you're going to get to where you want to be. The other thing, another big learning from all of this has been asking people for help and surrounding yourself with people that you want to be like and that bring the positivity that is key. That is important, right? And having that, that mentality space of people that are uplifting you and helping you get to where you want to be.

[00:10:41] Chris Furlong: There's nothing like it. There is nothing like it. The other thing is when you start, it is hard, but. It's no longer hard, right? And what, what once was a struggle becomes, I guess, this normal or this norm, and then it becomes a cycle of opportunity of growth. A lot of the same stuff that I've just said, but that is the reality of it as well.

[00:11:00] Chris Furlong: Like, I remember doing the first podcast, if you go listen to my first couple of podcasts, like, oh, I can hear it in my voice. I'm nervous, I'm awkward. I'm, you know, thinking too much. I'm, you know, I'm not really in the zone because I'm focusing too much on what people are gonna be thinking about the episode, but I got it.

[00:11:16] Chris Furlong: Now when I talk I, I, I, I honestly feel, I feel more confident. I feel more comfortable, and I feel more that I have an authority to be able to share this because I've shown, shown up, I've done it. I've got something to give. I've got something to share. You know, talking about furthering your lifestyle, you know, when I hadn't really left my job and I hadn't really, you know, got anything behind me other than, Hey, I'm trying to give this a go.

[00:11:38] Chris Furlong: It's a bit nerve wracking because who's going to listen to you? Why should someone listen to you? Now, I'm not saying that I've got all the answers. I'm not saying that I've got it all figured out, but I am saying that I've got a whole bunch of experience now, a whole bunch of backlog of, you know, trialing and failing and learning and experiencing, which, , it means I'm two years, three years ahead of someone else that wants to start, that wants to start doing something in the same realms, whether it's podcasting, whether it's building a brand, whether it's you starting their own business or doing a YouTube channel or anything like that, or even running for an instance.

[00:12:10] Chris Furlong: That's all the things that I focus on, so that gives me an advantage to be able to show up and help others get to where they want to be or to give insight of how to apply themselves, which is the further your lifestyle brand essentially. With that. Another quick reflect is at the time of recording this, I'm sitting on about 4,845 downloads, which again is incredible.

[00:12:31] Chris Furlong: A big thank you to everyone that has come in and actually listened to this. And I was wrong at the start. I thought I said 35 to 45, but it's actually on average, I'm getting about 48 people listening to each episode on a weekly basis, which that's, that's like two classrooms showing up weekly to listen and to learn and to have the conversation and.

[00:12:50] Chris Furlong: This, this is where it gets cool. Right. Speaking of having the conversation, you know how I'd love to con finish the episode with, you know, continue the conversation, reach out, have a conversation, leave me a comment. Well, that's what I want to introduce into this episode. I wanna share with you something very, very exciting that I'm bringing to the podcast that I think will enable us to continue that conversation, enable you to reach out and to continue that conversation.

[00:13:13] Chris Furlong: Look, I, I want to interact with you guys because, My, my goal is to, I want to help people further their lifestyle. I wanna help you further your life, and the way to do that is to interact with you. Now, I've been able to put together a way that we can interact you as a listener to send through a question, a message, or ideas or reflections or anything I relevance to what we talk about here on the podcast.

[00:13:37] Chris Furlong: I'm inviting you to do so, and that tool is called Speak Pipe, which essentially allows you as a listener to send in like a voicemail or a voice message of sorts directly from your phone or directly from this website, and I can then include them into the episodes. Now I can do this. In any different way.

[00:13:54] Chris Furlong: But essentially, if you do wanna try on this, you can go to www.speakpipe.com/further your lifestyle, and that's S P E A K P I P e.com/further your lifestyle. Jump over there www.speakpipe.com/further your lifestyle. All the details are below in the description as well. And if you're watching in all the different mediums, YouTube, all.

[00:14:19] Chris Furlong: There is a link there, but essentially we can do so many things here. I've got so many ideas and I'd love to hear from you as well, what your ideas may be, may be, but we can do q and a episodes. We can be diving back into episodes that I was doing around further your idea. We can do topical discussions, highlights from, you know, yourself or hearing your own insights on topics and ideas.

[00:14:40] Chris Furlong: But as I have guessed, I can give. You know, a lead up time of saying, I'm gonna have a guest coming in at this certain time, and you can send in a live question if you wanted to. So there's so many ways that we can do this and I'll be progressing. And I'll be progressing more into this over the coming weeks of how we can interact.

[00:14:56] Chris Furlong: But, but firstly, if you're keen to interact, feel free to jump over there now over at SpeakPipe and get on the ball. Be the first one. Leave a short message, say hi. Ask for a question. Gimme a congratulations for the hundred episodes, or share what you've learned from the first 100 episodes. Or maybe let me know when you first jumped in.

[00:15:15] Chris Furlong: Maybe, you know, when did you first listen to this podcast? What episode was it? I would love to know. I would love to hear from you. And I will say for the first five people that send me in a voice message for the Further Your Lifestyle podcast over via SpeakPipe. I'll, I'll gift you a free further your lifestyle.

[00:15:35] Chris Furlong: Yep, I will, I've got, you'll have to enter your email address when you do, leave that voice recording and I'll send you an email. I'll reach out to you, I'll get you details and I'll send you for the first five people only. So this is on you if you wanna do it. This is your chance. So with all this in mind one way that I want to make sure you understand how it works and also a way to celebrate and to you know, just soak it all in cuz it is, it's, it's kind of surreal still.

[00:16:00] Chris Furlong: A way to celebrate was, you know, I've been honored to have some of my previous guests send in you know, just some different voice messages and some comms. Using SpeakPipe of their own. And some I've already listened to because I wanted to make sure that it was working and all that jazz, but some of them I haven't.

[00:16:13] Chris Furlong: And we're gonna listen to some of those live right now, and I'm gonna react and reflect on those conversations and what they've shared and, and whatnot. I have no idea. I did, you know, reach out to a whole bunch of people and I do apologize that I, I realize I, I missed a few people off those comms previous guests.

[00:16:27] Chris Furlong: So I do apologize. But by all means, please jump in and, and leave, leave a message by SpeakPipe now. I reached out to him saying, this is what I'm gonna be doing, and I said to him, you know, you can say hi. You can live a message, you can send a celebration, you can share what you've learned, or whatever it may be, right?

[00:16:42] Chris Furlong: So I have no idea what I'm walking into here, but there I do have a little bit of an idea as well. Let's have a listen and let's hear what they have to say. What I'll be doing is I'll, I'll give you a bit of an idea of who they are, just in case you're not sure. Again, I'm not sure if they're gonna be saying who they are in the message, so I'll make sure I put that up front so people understand who they are.

[00:17:00] Chris Furlong: Some of them are a bit longer, so I dunno if I'll be listening to the whole thing. I might cut out little bits and parts just because. Again, I have, I don't have a full understanding of what they've shared in these little voice memos, but I wanted to make sure I give, give you guys a whole experience of what this could look like going forward for when you send in your.

[00:17:16] Chris Furlong: Own voice memos. So let's dive into this. All right, so the first one that I have, and again, I'm super grateful for everyone that has sent these through. We're gonna listen to these live. Some of them, as I said, I have actually listened to but I haven't tried to listen to them in too much because I wanna react to them live and be able to give my my thanks and hear what people are saying.

[00:17:37] Chris Furlong: So the first one that I actually have is hear from Matt Lees and Matt. He was, I think he was Jeep. He was one of my earlier guests actually. I've had him on the channel twice. So he's the owner of the video game store retro gaming local guy here in well he's in New South Wales, Sydney, around that area.

[00:17:55] Chris Furlong: And again, just totally amazed by when I first reached out to Matt of I had no idea who he was, how old he was and what he was doing. But I was pretty inspired by the retro gaming brand at the time. And when I found out that he's just a young chap, you know, Enjoying his passion and turning it into a business, I was blown away, absolutely blown away.

[00:18:14] Chris Furlong: So appreciate you Matt. Let's, let's have a listen to what you have to have to say. Hey, Chris, congrats on a hundred episodes on further your lifestyle. It is amazing to see what you're doing ever since I met you, what, nearly a year or two years ago. It's been incredible to watch your journey across YouTube, across Spotify, across every platform that you're on.

[00:18:35] Chris Furlong: You're constantly working hard, you're constantly striving for the. And it's, it's always been amazing to have chats with you, to get to know you better and all the help that you've given me. So thank you so much for your help to me and thank you for helping so many other people as well that listen in.

[00:18:51] Chris Furlong: And I hope that this isn't the first hundred. I hope there's gonna be another 500. I hope there's gonna be another 500 on top of that. And I hope this keeps going and going and going cuz take it to the moon. Take it to the moon. Love you Chris. Congratulations. Oh, cheers, man. I, I really appreciate it, man.

[00:19:09] Chris Furlong: Love that. Take it to the moon. Hashtag take it to the moon. Yeah, man, it's been an absolute awesome, awesome experience to have you part of this journey and to also, you know, follow your own journey. And I know we, we have regular catch-ups and we're always talking and, and whatnot. So, you know, the, the thing that I've learnt from Matt is that you're never too young to start, but at the same time,

[00:19:28] Chris Furlong: You know, that's the beauty of starting young is if things don't go as planned, there's, there's plenty of time to adapt, to change and to, you know, pivot and adjust and figure out what it is that exactly that you want. So, Matt, really do appreciate you buddy, and thanks for the congrats and the, all the wishes for the all the more episodes and I'll have to have you come back on and we, we can continue that, that conversation.

[00:19:49] Chris Furlong: Appreciate you, buddy. All right, so the next one that I have is here from Kevin Excon. Now Kevin, my main man, we've been good friends for. Pre, pre early covid days. We, we, we started off like this YouTube family group in terms of, we were kind of all small channels helping each other and reaching out to each other.

[00:20:07] Chris Furlong: And when Kevin and I first met I don't know what it was, I think I just, he, he did a video on skipping roping skip roping or jump roping, whatever you wanna call it. And, I was inspired by how he filmed that. At the time I wasn't doing any business content, I was just doing pure running content.

[00:20:23] Chris Furlong: Anyway, we, we, we hit it off and now we catch up on a regular basis, probably once a month and chit chat and just share our own progress. And I haven't listened to this yet and I'm excited to hear what Kevin has to say. I feel like he's like a best mate, which even though I've never met him in person, cuz he lives in Canada I feel like, you know, we've known each other since we were kids, so appreciate you in advance, Kevin.

[00:20:42] Chris Furlong: Let's, let's, let's have a congrats on the hundredth episode. That's wild. I still remember being on one of the first episodes and just getting into this couple years back, so my favorite part of this whole thing is the consistency and the way you practice what you preach. It's been amazing to see the growth of you outside of this podcast, but also with this podcast and just.

[00:21:08] Chris Furlong: Developing your skills as a entrepreneur, as a content creator has been amazing in sharing the journey of others through this podcast. Can't wait to see the next hundredth episodes and congrats again, brother. My man. Appreciate you, Kevin. Thanks, buddy. Yeah, it, it's been, it's been crazy to think about what you can achieve when you, when you stay consistent, right?

[00:21:31] Chris Furlong: And you know this. And we'll, we'll have to have you back on the, on the pod very shortly to give an update and help people understand. What consistency really does. You know, people can obviously see here that I've done this and I've achieved this or whatever, but you know, the whole point of this podcast is to help encourage others, right?

[00:21:47] Chris Furlong: And you are a great example, Kevin, of someone that else is, you know, showing up on a regular basis and getting the work done with your own business and, and things like that. So appreciate. Appreciate it Kevin. And mate, it's been an absolute honor to be, have met you online and, and now to continue to, you know, grow together and, and help each other.

[00:22:05] Chris Furlong: So thank you again mate. I really do appreciate it. The next one is Aaron. Aaron Multz. So he's from Fit Lab. He's started doing business now. He's actually from the same circles of when I originally met Kevin as well. And we've probably been chatting. It probably is about three years or so myself and Aaron, and really amazing guy, really inspiring, and he's got an amazing backstory.

[00:22:25] Chris Furlong: And he's he, he's one cool guy. He's got all the, he's got all the latest gadgets and gizmos and when he does things, he does it with a bang and he does it big. And he does a bold, and that's what I love about Aaron. So appreciate you buddy. Let's have a listen and see what Aaron has. Chris, I just wanna say I can't believe it's been nearly three years since I first met you through our respective journeys on YouTube as fellow content creators.

[00:22:49] Chris Furlong: I also can't believe you've hit a hundred episodes in your podcast, and I've really enjoyed following your journey with both your YouTube channels and your podcast as you've grown so much in every way. In that time, I've definitely grown and improved the quality of my own content and my fitness YouTube channel called Fit Lab as well, and also continuing to build my online fitness coaching in that time.

[00:23:08] Chris Furlong: And a big part of that was having people like you in my life who were true friends and gave honest feedback and inspired me to keep better being better than I was yesterday. You've always been such a positive force. Who inspires your friends, your viewers and listeners to be the best they can be and to lead with their intention?

[00:23:25] Chris Furlong: I'm grateful to call your friend these past few years and to always having your kind support. I also wanted to thank you for having me on your podcast, which I think was episode 17 and still has the unique distinction of being the only shirtless photo you've ever had of someone on your thumbnails

[00:23:41] Chris Furlong: Anyway, looking forward to all the great things that come in your future and to the next 100 podcast episodes and beyond, and I hope to be to have the opportunity to record another podcast with you at some point down the road. Keep inspiring and doing great things, Chris. Oh, mate, really do appreciate it.

[00:23:57] Chris Furlong: I, I love that flexing the the shirtless photo. Guys, if you haven't gone, if you haven't seen that episode, go check it out. And it's, it's a long one, but it's well worth it. And Aaron, he, like I said, he has a whole big. Long story of just where he's come from, what he's achieved and where he's going.

[00:24:14] Chris Furlong: And I was motivated by it. And mate, the pleasure's on mine to have been able to connect with you and, and call you a friend and to be able to have those conversations. I know we don't talk as much as we, we have in the past but. By all means when we do, they're always big conversations and I appreciate it so much and you've got big things ahead of you and, and you know this and, and I know that and what you've been able to create since I've met you as well.

[00:24:36] Chris Furlong: It's, it's super encouraging and one thing that I've really appreciated, From Aaron is when we first, when we first connected, you know, I was talking to him about, you know, me stepping away from the nine to five and jumping into all this and, you know, he gave me some really good insight and some really good things to think about and some encouragement and, you know, he wasn't just gonna say, yeah, just risk it all and go for it.

[00:24:56] Chris Furlong: But he, he really challenged the way I was thinking and made sure that I knew what I was doing and I really am grateful for that. You know, I, I spoke about this earlier in the podcast today, whereas you need to have people around you that are going to help you and encourage you and influ not influence you in the sense for making a decision that isn't your own, but help you understand.

[00:25:18] Chris Furlong: is this the right decision to be making and having that positivity around you and surrounding, surrounding you is what's going to enable you to to get ahead. So Aaron is one of those people, so really do appreciate it, mate. And we will catch up soon. I'll have to have you on the pod again. We can hear about all your progress, all your updates.

[00:25:34] Chris Furlong: It's been an absolute honor to, to have you along this journey and to be part of your own. Go check out his stuff guys. Go check out his channel. Go check out you know, what he's doing over there and all the details. So any of these people, if they've got their own little things, I'll put all the descriptions below so you can go check them out.

[00:25:48] Chris Furlong: Alright, the next one is from Clara. Clara Kim. Now I met Clara on Instagram, actually just kind of cold reached. Because she's been, when we first met, she was making pet furniture. She has a woodworking background, and I was absolutely just blown away with her skills and her ability to just create things.

[00:26:06] Chris Furlong: You know, one thing that I've always mentioned on this podcast is I love people with passion. I love seeing people create, and I love seeing people be able to take that and turn it into something which they can make a lifestyle from, which is the further your lifestyle brand essentially. And. Clara has done exactly that, and I know she's evolved in how she goes about doing her woodwork and CEG on a shop and all these amazing things.

[00:26:28] Chris Furlong: And now she pumps out a lot of content with her partner as well you know, via, you know, shorts and YouTube and on Instagram, and I think she's even on TikTok as well. So I'm excited to hear from Clara. Let's let's, let's have a listen. Hey, Chris. First and foremost, congratulations. Hundred episodes.

[00:26:48] Chris Furlong: That's amazing. It's so cool that you're searching for people who are passionate about their fields and sharing their stories. I know that for me, it's been really eye-opening to hear about so many incredible people hustling in different eras in lifestyles. Hearing their stories is motivating and reminds me that the hard times are worth it to build a life of my.

[00:27:12] Chris Furlong: things have changed a lot since I first talked with you. After some self discoveries, I've pivoted my direction from simply pit products to more woodworking, artistry, something more true to my personality. As a result, things have grown far beyond what I could have ever imagined, and even now, I'm still learning, growing, and tweaking my direction.

[00:27:37] Chris Furlong: Chris, I wish you the absolute best. Keep your natural fire and passion burning bright. Getting to talk with you was honestly a major boost to my confidence and has without a doubt shaped how I've grown. I appreciate all that you do and can't wait to hear when your podcast has reached 200 episodes and beyond.

[00:28:01] Chris Furlong: Cheers. Oh, thank. Thanks very much, Clara. I really, really do appreciate that. Right there is exactly what, you know, the whole purpose of this podcast is, is to help inspire other people to, you know, pursue their passion streams, goals and, and all that. Right. And, you know, I obviously know that Clara has made some changes of how she's, you know, focusing on what she wants to create, what she wants to do.

[00:28:24] Chris Furlong: And again, that that's her decision and everything like that. And that's what I love to hear. as we progress over time, as we continue to experience and as we continue to learn, that's how we can get ahead. And that is a perfect example. And Clara, I'll have to have you come back on and we can talk about, you know, what's changed, how you're growing.

[00:28:41] Chris Furlong: And I know you're growing cuz I've seen, I've seen what you're doing and I've seen the, i, I know that they're just vanity metrics in terms of, you know, how many people are following you, how many people are asking question. To see that community thrive and what you've created, it's encouraging, right? And I love being able to be part of that journey, even if it's a small part and, and see you thrive.

[00:29:00] Chris Furlong: Because at the end of the day, that's what I want for other people, is to have that, that lifestyle that they're living with purpose and living, knowing that they've created it and it's their own journey and their own dreams. So, Really am . I'm very, very humbled and, and, and so grateful for that message, Clara.

[00:29:15] Chris Furlong: It means absolute well to me. Thank you so much and keep doing what you're doing and we'll, we'll have you back on the pod. The next one is from Anthony Bailey. It also might be from his wife, I'm not sure. I had them both on his guests and. Really, really do appreciate Anthony and what he's done over the years.

[00:29:32] Chris Furlong: He's been one to always encourage me way before he was, he was a guest and way before you know, I was even doing the podcast. He was from one of my earlier circles in the running space as well, and he's, you know, also probably interacted with some of the other fellow guests as well. And the thing I love about Anthony is he's also recently taken, when I say recently, it's probably been a year.

[00:29:51] Chris Furlong: You know, a chance on himself and started his own business and, and all that jazz. So I'm excited to hear what Anthony has to say. Yeah. Let's, let's dive into it. Congratulations, my friend. It has been an amazing journey to be a part of 100 episodes. Wow. That is a. That is a huge milestone. I'm so happy for you.

[00:30:09] Chris Furlong: My favorite part of the podcast is just your little nuggets of positivity that you share and use. Use those to kind of share how you use them in your personal journey to help others and theirs. And that's I love how you share that aspect of it. So. We actually connected back in, I believe, 2020.

[00:30:26] Chris Furlong: We were fellow YouTubers running stuff. And, and then I ended up being a guest on your show with my Darlene and wife. So that was a fantastic experience and it's just been a fun journey to know you. We've actually chatted a few times offline, and you've guided me in my life. And since I started my own business, I quit my nine to five also just like you did.

[00:30:47] Chris Furlong: Kind of like, kind of, sort of the inspiration behind that, as I say, well, if he can do it, why can't I? So I appreciate the motivation to do that, and it's been fantastic and I'm so happy for your many achievements and your just your positive force. You're an amazing person and I am honored to be your friend.

[00:31:09] Chris Furlong: Here's to 100 more episodes. Enjoy. Thank you, Chris. Bye. Oh, thanks Anthony. That's that's really beautiful mate. And again, like I'm, I'm totally just. I, I, I'm, I'm almost speechless. A hundred percent grateful to be able to have met you and had those conversations made. And, you know, that's what I love about being able to share journeys and reflect is then when we look back and see how far we've come, right.

[00:31:38] Chris Furlong: You know, when we first were YouTubers together and when we still are YouTubers, but, you know, in, in, in that kind of level of interaction and then having different conversations and then, you know, me, me taking my path and my journey and then you do doing your own. Mate, I'm totally honored to be able to say that I helped inspire you to do it.

[00:31:54] Chris Furlong: And that's exactly right. Like if I can do it, anyone can do it. Anyone can do these things that they want to achieve. It's what you know if we are willing to be accountable and responsible for it. And I know you're doing great and I know it's not easy, I know that. But you're doing great mate. And again, super, super proud of you for what you've been able to achieve and I thank you for the feedback and the encouragement because it's these little things and you've actually probably been one of.

[00:32:19] Chris Furlong: The main or the, the most or the biggest person to respond, send me messages, leave me voice messages prior to all this. And it's always encouraging to hear it cuz I know you used to listen a lot of the time on your way to work and things like that. So it means the absolute world to me, mate, to be part of your journey and to have you part of mine.

[00:32:35] Chris Furlong: And I know we've been chatting that we, we've gotta catch up and again, have you on the pod to help people hear what you've been up to, what you've been able to achieve. To again, hopefully you can then go ahead and inspire others to, you know, take that leap or to take that jump into whatever it is that they want to achieve.

[00:32:51] Chris Furlong: Because it's stories like that that will help people do it as, as, as you know. Right. And again, mate, really, really do appreciate everything that you've done and just support and having me on your your little show that you do on your Instagram and things like that. It means absolute well to me and I'm proud to call your friend as well buddy.

[00:33:08] Chris Furlong: So we'll talk soon. Really do appreciate. The next one is Taylor. Now Taylor again it's when, when I was going guest hunting I think, I think Taylor came on last year. It's a bit of a blur, but when we, when I first met her, it was via Instagram, you know, she was doing some pretty cool things. I was looking for someone in, in the N f t web three oh space.

[00:33:28] Chris Furlong: And really, I, when, when reaching out to guests, it's a bit scary cuz you dunno how people are gonna interact. You don't know. What people are gonna say. Actually, I remember now, I think, I think Taylor actually reached out to me first. I think she did. And kudos for that, Taylor, because I think we had been in similar circles on Instagram and now I do recall you reached out to me and I was like, yeah, sure, let's give it a go.

[00:33:50] Chris Furlong: Like , by all means. And I'm so grateful for that because I. , I know that, you know, from, you know, our conversations and you've further connected with for instance Ethan Rusk and, you know, now you guys have been able to work together and just seeing what you've been able to create as well with your own brand and everything that you're doing has been super encouraging and super exciting to be able to just be associated with.

[00:34:11] Chris Furlong: So appreciate you and I know you have a really good taste in, in fantasy books , so I, I, I really do appreciate that too. So let's have a listen. This one's from.

[00:34:24] Chris Furlong: Hey, Chris. Happy 100. So good, Pam. So good. And congrats, massive congrats. Thank you for putting out into this world what you put out because these are messages that are needed. These are messages that are needed massively. . Again, thank you so much for the book chats. I'll send you another pick at the shelf too,

[00:34:49] Chris Furlong: Well have a brilliant one. Thanks so much, Taylor. And look, it, I, I, I really, really do appreciate it and it's, it's small things like this and, and. The, the thing that I take away from a lot of all these conversations and these messages is that, you know, I'm here sharing my journey. I'm here encouraging others, you know, whether it's having guests on or just sharing snippets of information, and to be able to think that someone might take that and be inspired by it blows my mind.

[00:35:16] Chris Furlong: Right. Even though that's my, my goal. , it's still very encouraging to know that people are listening, people are doing and inspired, encouraged and motivated by it. And we all have our different ways of how we learn and operate and, you know, take things to then. Go experience for ourselves. And again, I'm super grateful to be able to be part of people's journeys, to be able to see these things come to, to come to life.

[00:35:40] Chris Furlong: So tey really do appreciate the congratulations. And yeah, you know what you've done in the last year as well. I've seen you grow your brand and grow your ability to help others even further, you know, just with what you've been sharing and on your socials and things like that. So folks, go, go check out Taylor.

[00:35:54] Chris Furlong: Especially if you're curious in the. Web 3.0 space and, and all that jazz. She does a lot of other things as well, so she's not just known for that. She does a lot of other things as well. So a really good creative. Alright, team, let's jump over to the next one. This next one has come through from Elena Grace now Elena Grace or Elena and her her.

[00:36:14] Chris Furlong: Partner events. They were actually my first guests here on, yeah, on the podcast. So I'm super grateful for both of them. Bit of a dream team that I've always I've always called them there and I'm really grateful just for them to be part of my journey from day one. It's been great to be able to watch them grow and, and see what they've been achieving over the last couple of years as well.

[00:36:30] Chris Furlong: So I have no idea if this is from both of them or if it's just from Elena, it might just be from Elena. So let's let's have a. Hello, Chris. It's Aleena Grace. Wow. Congratulations on reaching 100 episodes. It has been such a pleasure to have been a small part of your journey, and I'm so honored and humbled to have been one of the first guests on the podcast.

[00:36:53] Chris Furlong: Listening to your content has honestly inspired and encouraged me so much. What really sticks out to me, , one of which you remind us all is about acknowledging our small wins. There's something so special about that message that I feel truly ignites a spark in all of us because I feel like it really lifts us up to make us feel like we are all out here just.

[00:37:14] Chris Furlong: Really doing the best that we can, and you do it in such a compassionate way. Thank you for doing all that you do. Thank you for showing up every day to pour into all of our cups. Thank you for being such a light to us all. I am truly so honored to know you, and I can't wait to see all the great things that you have in store and that you create next.

[00:37:37] Chris Furlong: Oh, thank you very much. I appreciate it. And you know, you're not just a small part of this, this this journey. You've been a big part, as I said, you know, you're one of the first guests, and that means absolute wealth to me because it, it means that be you believed in me to actually come onto the podcast.

[00:37:51] Chris Furlong: And here I am, a hundred episodes later and yeah, making it, making it happen. That's why we're celebrating a hundred episodes. It, it's a big win. It's a small win. In the long run. It's a small win, but to me it's a big deal at this point. So to have you share that really means the world to me, and I'm so grateful to have you part of, part of this journey and to be part of my community as well.

[00:38:10] Chris Furlong: So thank you so much. Yeah. Well, there we go. Let's jump into the next one. The next one is events. He actually did send one through. It came through a little bit later, so. Thanks for sending for events. Again, events has been yeah, he was one of the first guests and obviously being the the partner to Elena.

[00:38:26] Chris Furlong: So I really do appreciate you, buddy. Looking forward to hearing from you. And yeah, it's just crazy to think how, how far things have progressed. And I know you were doing some pretty amazing things at the moment, so yeah. Let's, let's have a listen.

[00:38:41] Chris Furlong: Hey, Chris, it's Vince from Florida. Congrats on the 100 episodes on your podcasts. I believe my favorite part about your podcast is just listening to everyone's perspectives about, you know, their different lifestyles and different passions. What I really liked about your YouTube content especially is just you just, you just keep doing it.

[00:39:04] Chris Furlong: The consistency, you know, you told us, you told me person. You know, 1% a day is all you really need to find success. And I definitely could see that with your podcasts and with your YouTube videos. Let's see. Where was I when I met you? I think I just dropped outta college and I was starting.

[00:39:29] Chris Furlong: videography business, video editing, photography business. And you gave me some encouraging words that I took to heart and I really loved love those words. I've come so far, I've had multiple clients been around the world mostly. Hopefully I can keep that up. And I'm just, I'm just excited for the future.

[00:39:50] Chris Furlong: Also excited for your future. Let's get to 500 episodes. Maybe a thousand. Cheers mate. Oh, love it Vince. Yeah, no, I appreciate it buddy. And yeah, you're doing some pretty cool stuff as, as you said, traveling around the world and you've started your business, you've got multiple clients, mate, you're killing it.

[00:40:08] Chris Furlong: And you know, I think once we realize that things just take time and consistency and action, it can only get better. And I was, I was actually reflecting back and I re-watched the first episode with you guys, the, the first guest episode that I had done and. At the time, you know, I felt like it was, you know, I was outta my comfort zone.

[00:40:29] Chris Furlong: I was definitely . I was learning and figuring it all out. But I look back at that and see what the content looks. There's nothing wrong with the content, but it feels, I feel awkward. I watch it and I feel like, wow, I was so, I was so new at this, and now I can feel more confident and look back and see how far I've come from.

[00:40:45] Chris Furlong: And it's always good to do that, to reflect on where we've come from. And dude, you're doing some amazing things, so keep rocking and I'm sure. I'm sure you'll go far as well. And yes, here's to 500 episodes and here's to a thousand. And mate, hopefully you're, you're back on a couple of those in between that that, that count.

[00:41:03] Chris Furlong: So really do appreciate you, buddy. Well, there you go. And I'm just, I'm just overwhelmed with the love. I'm, I'm totally grateful. I'm am encouraged, I'm motivated, I'm inspired, and. Thank you, thank you so much to, to all those that have sent those through and to thank you to you that is listening or watching this on the YouTube.

[00:41:21] Chris Furlong: Before I wrap up, before I wrap up, I wanna remind you of with a few things and just leave you on a high with some, with some motivation, but keeping it really raw. And I wanna convict you, right? I wanna make sure that you're not leaving this episode without going away, wanting to just go for your dreams, right, and make it happen.

[00:41:38] Chris Furlong: But this is the reality consistency over a long period of time, I guess with a job of. Reflecting an application can slingshot your life into a whole new world. And what I mean by that is please do not assume that you have time to do what you want. Like to chase these dreams or those dreams one day because that day may never come.

[00:41:59] Chris Furlong: And the other thing to think about is that day can be today. You can start today. You can. You can start today, it will take you time to get what you want. That's, that's the reality of it. Whether it's gonna take you one week, six months, two years, five years, 20 years, like think about it, someone doesn't get into a 20 year career without spending 20 years in their career.

[00:42:20] Chris Furlong: That's just the reality of it. But don't let your 10 year dream in the making take 30 or 40 years to come to be because you know you're too busy focusing on someone else's dream, or you are tied up with other things or. Working too hard for the sake of just working too hard, and this applies same for your six month goal or your two year master plan or whatever it is.

[00:42:40] Chris Furlong: We can put all the different timeframes on it, but the reality is you have to remember that one hour today or one hour for the next seven days can enable you to exponentially grow so quick, right? I use this analogy not that long ago in an episode, talking about if we invest a hundred dollars today and do nothing with it for 10 years,

[00:42:59] Chris Furlong: Let's say it had an annual interest rate of 5%, you would have $165 in 10 years. It's not much. It really is not much. However, if you were to invest a hundred dollars today and doing the same for each month, for the next 10 years, again with a 5% annual interest, so you're doing a hundred dollars today, a hundred dollars next month, a hundred dollars next month.

[00:43:19] Chris Furlong: For the next 10 years, yes. You would've invested 12. Oh. Dollars, but you would've come out with $3,593 in interest, meaning you'd have $15,693 in return. What do I mean by this? Well, the same applies to your time. How you invest your time, how you use your time, how you learn with your time, and then how you execute with that time.

[00:43:41] Chris Furlong: It pays dividends. It will grow and compound of what you're able to achieve. It is a small step to a greater journey. So if you would like to leave a message, please go ahead, drop a message over at speakpipe.com/further your lifestyle. It would mean the absolute world to me, and I'm looking forward to this.

[00:43:57] Chris Furlong: I'll be pushing this harder and harder each week because I wanna see how we can grow together. And I wanna see how I can help you and you can help me. You can gimme some insights and. Depending on how many people come through with messages and things, you might not get your answer or you might not get yours added in straight away.

[00:44:14] Chris Furlong: It all really depends. I've, I've gotta figure this out as I go but by all means, please understand that I listen to every single one, and I'll do my best to incorporate them into the show, whether it's directly into the next episode or as the episodes come to being. And if for some reason I can't.

[00:44:30] Chris Furlong: I'll send you an email and let you know why. Now, if you are not sure what to share, tell me what you want in one year, in two years, in five years, or in shorter. What is it that you are working towards? Let me know. I would love to be inspired by this and be encouraged by this. I'd love to hear it from you.

[00:44:44] Chris Furlong: This is your opportunity. This is your chance to share and to continue the conversation, and that's what I wanna do with you is to continue the conversation. Really do appreciate you being here. Again, if you enjoy this, please do leave a like, leave a subscribe. Leave a comment. You can send a speak pipe now.

[00:45:00] Chris Furlong: Yeah, if you enjoy these episodes, the best thing that you can do is really just share them to other people and let them know why they need to be over here. Listening to the Further Your Lifestyle podcast. Really do appreciate you. You have a wonderful day. Cheers.